Dixie’s Neo-Classical Beauty vs Post-Modern Ugliness

The struggle for beauty.

The international (((media))) is fawning over the completion of Hamburg, Germany’s new Elbphilharmonie music hall – a post-modern monstrosity designed by “Swiss” firm Herzog & de Meuron. The strange building’s construction has been condemned by German patriots and beauty-lovers and came in at €866 million, ten times its budgeted cost.

Elbphilharmonie is actually an appropriate style building for country which has so thoroughly lost its way. Germany is led a former Communist Party youth leader, Angela Merkel, who now leads the supposedly “conservative” party. Merkel has opened the country’s borders to millions of Arab Muslims and Africans, which has led to the mass rape of German women and placed a huge welfare burden upon German tax-payers. Germans are literally dying off as a people with a birth rate well below replacement levels. They are also thoroughly indoctrinated in the civic religion of self-hatred for the actions of their country during WWII. Various negative factors come together to make Germany a ripe victim for a concert hall as truly hideous as the one in Hamburg.

When I read the news that Elbphilharmonie was near completion and saw the pictures of it in the (((media))) my first thought was that it must be a product of Jewish design. It purposefully avoids the classical beauty of German architecture and Western art in general. There is little eye-pleasing about the odd curves, colors and shapes of the building, inside and out. And as I looked for information about it I found that it was indeed designed by a “Swiss” Jew, Jacques Herzog. My suspicions were confirmed. Herzog is currently building a strange new National Library of Israel in the same horrible style of the Hamburg monster.

The German and Israeli buildings remind one of the ugly, decadent “culture” and “art” which flourished in the Weimar era following the Germany’s catastrophic loss in WWI. It was an era marked by Modern art, sexual deviance, social breakdown, Marxist revolution, political corruption and hyperinflation. Radical nationalists were elected to put an end to the era, which they did. They also brought back classically-inspired art and architecture, pro-family mores, political stability and a strong economy.


In sharp contrast to the strange, ugly concert hall in Hamburg, Dixie’s neo-classical architecture was a connection to the glory, beauty and wonder of the ancient Western world. Tall, powerful pillars and wide wrap-around porches were commonly found on the attractive mansions which served as capitals of the rural South’s plantation estates. Our homes were built to resemble Greek and Roman temples. They projected strength, wholesomeness and beauty rather than the bizarre, abstract and alien feelings projected by Herzog and company. Even today Dixie is full of such wonderful structures. Beautiful cities such as Charleston, South Carolina simply await a re-birth of our people in order to again take their rightful place at the head of the Western world.

As Dixians (i.e. ethnic Southerners) our sacred duty is to preserve the beauty of our land and civilization, the purity of our people and live up to the greatness of our heritage – which extends back into antiquity. As always, God is on our side in this holy struggle.


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