Rebel Yell podcast: Brad Griffin

Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent was on the latest Rebel Yell podcast for a wide-ranging discussion on nationalism, the Western world and Dixie. Griffin is one of the most important voices in Southern Nationalism and this is a must-listen for all those who love the Southern cause!


British voters reject EU tyranny

Many congrats to our British cousins across the pond who defied the European Union regulators, Angela Merkel’s death-by-migration, conspiring bankers, alien-controlled media and even the hostile influence of Barack Obama! The Left-wing Slate notes that this was a vote motivated by “embattled Whiteness” – in other words a rejection of the anti-White globalist agenda of elites. This was a yuuuge first…


Republican House leaders wave white flag on Tubman

Republican US House of Representatives leaders tucked tail and ran from an amendment to stop the Obama Adminstration from replacing President Andrew Jackson with slave Harriet Tubman on the $20 Federal Reserve Note. The move was just the latest retreat by the cuckservatives in the culture war. Having lost or refused to fight on nearly every other…


Anti-Southern candidate Jenny Horne loses

Jenny Horne, a Republican candidate who campaigned to take down the Confederate flag, was defeated in her bid to enter the US Congress. Horne used Left-wing, anti-White rhetoric to oppose Southern heritage. She got 45% of the GOP primary vote, losing out to Mark Sanford – who also opposed the Southern Cross after the senseless church shooting in…


Predictions about Florida gay club shooting

The recent Islamic terrorist attack at an Orlanda, Florida gay night club presents an apparent delima for liberals and cuckservatives: who should they cuck the loudest for, Muslim immigrants or fags? We know from past experience that a few things will certainly happen as a response to the attack: We will be told by US leaders…


Cuck Cameron fearmongers as polls favor Brexit

British cuckservative leader David Cameron is playing up fears about the collapse of the UK welfare state if Great Britain secedes from the European Union. Polling data now show that a majority of British voters favor Brexit. Due to the open borders policy pushed by the  EU and the Cameron government London is now a demographically Third World non-British city. Cameron has invited…


‘Brexit’ majority in UK

Sentiment in favor of the United Kingdom seceding from the European Union has grown in recent weeks, with the so-called Brexit option backed by 55% of the public, according to recent polling data. British voters have the freedom to choose on the matter, just as Scottish voters elected not to secede from the UK last year. Getting out from…